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by SEROJ is founded to empower brands and businesses that are pursuing their passions to make their mark on the world with a quality design product. With over a decade of experience in the design- and manufacturing industry Seroj is passionate to support businesses and transform their product ideas into successful products.

Seroj is a renowned Dutch product designer with a focus on lifestyle products and fashion accessories. His acclaimed City Cufflinks® designs are successfully distributed worldwide by companies such as LVMH company, Selfridges, KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines, de Bijenkorf, and Rijksmuseum. 

He is known for having a fine eye for detail and a broad knowledge of materials and techniques. His dedicated approach to add value and meaning to products and brands enables him to design and develop well detailed products attuned to a worldwide audience.

Together with others Seroj wants to set the standard for the next level of ‘total product design’. Adding value to the entire process of design, development and manufacturing. He aspires to design timeless classics and develop unique products which combine minimalism, fine details and luxury and are on top of their league.


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